WTF is it about that damned island!!

Here I go again!! I posted a little babble about Guam the last time I returned after spending a couple of weeks there. The feeling has hit again after this last visit…. I can’t seem to flush it out of my system every time I visit. Is it because Guam, everything about it both good and bad, bring back the days of growing up and living there? Even the things that irk me and make me laugh about how things are done on Guam, hold some kind of memory that make me smile. I find myself always wanting to stay, or return for good. And as retirement age gets closer, the more I want to move back.

I need to either stop going back or just get up and move. There are obstacles and circumstances which need to be tidied up before any move can happen. But… I keep saying, one day… one day. And hopefully it won’t be in a tin can.

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