WTF Guam, is it those “Others” doing this?

I don’t know, maybe over the last 2-3 years I’ve read news on GuamPDN about crime involving slingshots with pieces of rebar being shot. WTF is this?? Is this kind of cruel warfare the work of local Chamorro minds or that of uncivilized ones from “other islands”? I read shit about the Harmon Hemlani apartments area being so dangerous. The surnames published in the news about some instigators insinuates, if not confirmed and reported thru GPD, many to be Chuukese or other Micronesian origin.

Maybe it’s too easy now, in looking back, to exaggerate thoughts of what it was like in younger days. But I swear back in the day if shit like that happened the boys would swarm that place, armed and ready to do serious damage, to exterminate those troublemakers.

Take the streets back Guam!!!

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