Wow, child killer in CA has Guam origins…

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I came across this news tidbit on Facebook after someone posted in one of the Guam groups about a cold case murder that has Guam roots. A child killer of Guam roots… and of familiar roots at that. Someone shared a news story out of Fairfield, CA, KCRA News. It involved a person of Chamorro roots as the murderer in a now solved cold case from 1984. A child murderer. Okay, I watched the vid clip of the news report. Oh, WTF isn’t that Lou’s cousin? Eva’s brother??
RESTRICTED CONTENT What goes on in a person’s head to make him insanely criminal like that I’ll never know. But to add my attitude about him… well, Lou didn’t have any love loss for him and his situation. For someone who grew up in CA vs Guam, as opposed to me being of Filipino ancestry and having been born and bred on Guam and have lived the culture whereas he hasn’t, when the wife tells him that she’s married to a Filipino and he thumbs his nose at her for that… well, Mr. Chamorro Pau Aso, enegi na’mu, binechu.

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