Where to buy Chamorro Music!

It’s been my fourth trip home in the last 3 years. Everytime I go home I try to look up what Chamorro CDs/music is on store shelves that I don’t already have. I go to Chamorro Village (like A&L Crafts, Coconut Villa, etc.), Chode Mart, other places. While they DO have Chamorro music, none of them are in any order for me to know what the more later releases are. The store proprietors all say that Chamorro music isn’t released regularly so “what they have is what they have”. I, of course, don’t bring my long ass list of CD titles that I already have to be able to compare against what’s in the stores. Nor do I really have time to sit at each store and go thru hundreds of CDs.

Oh well, so my collection becomes a “classic” collection since I can’t very well keep up. Wish list… to have people tell me what’s coming out, what’s out, and maybe share in the ripped tracks to add to my collection. Ehhh everybody throws them up on YT anyway and not usually in full album tracks. Que sera sera…

4 thoughts on “Where to buy Chamorro Music!

    1. No, sorry. I not a seller or distributor, I just post up my own personal collection from over the years for listening. On .mp3 files, no longer have the original CD either.

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