When we and our fly thru family get dates mixed up!!!

The agenda today was to go over to Amber’s house and pick up a large dollhouse that Dooey doesn’t play with, so we did that. The dollhouse and folding table and kids’ chairs that they borrowed for Dooey’s party yesterday. We otherwise just lingered around the house watching TV and waiting to go to the airport this evening to pick up Lou Golo on her layover from Guam to Arizona.

So… she had told Lou a few days ago that she was coming in on Monday the 17th. I told Lou that the 17th is Sunday. Okay. So today, the 17th, we all pile in the van (me, Lou, Lina and Jon) to drive to the airport and pick her up and go eat before she had to go back and catch her 10pm something flight. We head out, and we passing Ewa Town Center and I ask Lou if she’s sure Lou Golo said she was arriving Sunday and nt Monday. She repeated that Lou Golo said Monday the 17th. I said she better check because she could have meant Monday and not Sunday. Lou started calling Lou Golo on Guam and remarked don’t laugh if she answers (otherwise she’d be on the flight ready to land and won’t answer her cell).

Lou Golo answered. She’s coming in tomorrow!!! So we turned around at Renton Rd and came back home.

See. There’s a very distinct reason why I demand more specifics when family and friends, particularly those flying thru Hawaii to and from Guam when the international date line is crossed, tell us they’re arriving on a certain date/day. I want to know what the carrier and flight number is and the date they are departing their airport, not the date they are arriving in Honolulu. I will check flight status with the airline, and I will confirm when they actually arrive. Otherwise, there are too many opportunities for miscalculations on their part.

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