What’s Up/What’s Going On (4 Non-Blondes)

I didn’t have any particular attraction to this song when it first came out as a single in what, 1993? I also don’t recall any extraordinary lingering of the song on the charts, on the playlists, radio, etc., after. But I dunno, it seems like there was some minor resurgence of its popularity thru its play in movies or TV series or something (specifically my recollection was in the series Sense 8). Then Lina kept playing that He-Man satirical version of it when she and I were on Guam taking care of Mom’s house. From there it kinda stuck with me. And the undercurrent feeling/emotion that it brings now, is that of being mahalang for Guam in that 2012 trip moment. Ai Sus the emotional links my mind makes to things, intentionally or otherwise!!!!!

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