What has social media done to humility in people!

I used to post comments and my opinion about a multitude of topics that were posted, supposedly for discussion, on social media. Facebook primarily. There are other social media outlets of course. But over the years I’ve slowly weaned myself of public commenting. It seems that these days, people who used to be humble and courteous have become raging idiots posting whatever off the cuff stupid idea of a comment comes to their brain without regard for others’ feelings, thinking their opinions thru and separating logic from emotion.

For instance, there’s a post about a suicide or a near-suicide. People who have no basis or life experience to judge anyone begin doing so, about how selfish the suicide victim was in taking his/her own life and anguishing family and friends. One story I saw a post on was about a would-be suicide jumper onto a busy freeway, and people commenting about how fucked up it was to tie up traffic. WTF people! Real, flesh and blood humans are involved. Others attempt to qualify themselves in the human psyche and analyze/rationalize for the suicidal individual, in an effort to say the person is stupid, etc..

Then there’s today’s politics. It’s turning friends into enemies just because they chose different sides of the aisle. I see it turning otherwise logical, reasonable, patriotic people into politically blinded, unreasonable, off the cuff emotional people who are willing to call those who think differently any hurtful word they can think of. Because they, too, know words.

I choose, then, to withhold my opinions from public scrutiny, no matter how hard I want to jump in and tell someone they’re a fucking idiot. It’s not worth the aggravation. Many will argue back with hurtful words and so so from the safety of their unreachability over the internet. The same people who would shrink and sulk and run away from in-person confrontation.

Technology has made us zombies who can’t think for ourselves, rationalize from an educated and balanced standpoint, and execute that rational approach to things anymore. We have news talk media that tell us how to think, how to view what’s happening in our world.

People, generally speaking, are stupid. It didn’t use to be that way.

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