Welfare Free Ride ending it says

According to an article I saw after it posted on social media (edit 02/21/2021: which has since disappeared – figures), President Trump is putting a stop to welfare benefits to recipients who are able bodied and can work but don’t. We all know there are those who take advantage of the welfare system and get benefits instead of taking their lazy useless asses to the employment line and applying themselves, and contributing to society instead of leeching off of it.

Now. I don’t know if the story is putting the cart ahead of the horse, or if it’s even simply fake news. But if it’s not fake news and this is really going to be a reform in welfare, then I say IT’S ABOUT GODDAMNED TIME! These moochers are living off of MY paid taxes to finance their free ride. And it needs to stop. If they don’t want to work, let them starve.

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