Wear a Damn Mask!

I saw this on Facebook. I would ask those unbelievers in the harmfulness and complete danger of this COVID virus to seriously wise up, but for many of them there’s no hope until it hits someone near and dear to them.

Amazing that there are people whom I’ve called friends for years, decades, and have always considered to be bright, smart, intelligent, and level headed. Until this came along. Now they act so uncaring, stupid, uneducated, and downright foolish about the whole mask wearing and need to socially distance. They think the danger is overhyped by the media; that it’s no worse than the flu; that 99% of the population will recover from it if they catch it. Let’s see, 1% of the U.S.’s 831 million people is…. 8.31 million people who may die or have permanent illnesses from it. That is acceptable to some out there? 8.31 million people??? Oh, as long as it isn’t you right? Well, message me when your mother or father, sister, wife, or someone else in your life whom you love dies. I want to be the first to laugh and dismiss your loved one’s death as nothing but stats.

As I said, I used to consider these friends bright and intelligent. They’re still my friends. I just know now that they’re ignorant and dumbass stupid. The thing about stupid is, they don’t know it! Shhhh.

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