We Tell the World Our Secrets These Days

And I keep saying it will one day be the downfall of America, or at least as we know it.

There used to be a day when those (of us) were not to associate ourselves with that three-letter agency. When we were instructed that associating that three-letter agency with the military base that the headquarters is on was classified in and of itself. I still have a hard time uttering those three-letters of the agency’s name abbreviation in open conversation or forum.

I don’t much believe in “the sunshine act”, transparency, freedom of information, when it comes to top level high stakes national security. Those who know nothing about that subject from the inside proclaim to know the most about it. Horseshit. Yeah yeah yeah it’s a new world and not the old cold war days. That is true. But the equation of how to stay ahead of our adversaries, wage and win a war if necessary, does not.

Even the parts of the stories told about our agencies that have been unclassified in order to appease the FOIA flag wavers, in my mind, are bad. One, if you peel enough of the banana’s outer protective peel away, you expose the banana. Two, there has always been, and always will be no matter what context you present it as, such a thing called compilation of unclassified data that paints a classified picture.

Yeah, ranting. Nothing I can do about it. We, the American people, do not know how to handle the information and do nothing more than expose our capabilities, strategies, and intentions, to our adversaries.

I will still be saying this, in a form of “I told you so”, in post-apocalypse days ahead.

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