Valentine’s Day AND our 32nd wedding anniversary

Lou and I went to Monterey Bay Canners at Pearlridge for a quiet anniversary dinner, just the two of us. The kids like to tag along with us when we go out.. probably to get a meal out of us!! But tonight they had something else going and weren’t home. So we had a chance to get out just by ourselves.

Kinda funny. We seem to be going to Monterey Bay Canners quite frequently after not going there in years.

32 years married. Wow. Thinking about it… we were just 21 when we married, an age I would these days think is way too young and immature for kids to wed. Yet, back in our day, we were of age, we knew what we wanted (and yes we did), and the world was ours to step out into together. My how perspective is everything.

and then thinking back before we married, before we even knew what we would do to survive in our soon adult lives, we already knew we wanted to get married one day. And as our courtship went on and we started collecting songs that we considered a part of our journey together, one had lyrics that told of our intentions and our outlook on the world. It holds true to this day…

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