VA Disability Claim worth another look

Yeah, I know I told myself that I’m good where I am with my VA disability already and not file for increase or anything. It’s a little more convincing, however, to try again, when enough people talk about success stories with increase and new claims. And I know I have at least one disability to make a new claim, plus increased effects of existing rated disabilities.

I was talking to RESTRICTED CONTENT on the phone yesterday about business and were BSing during the lulls in the actual shop talk. He mentioned retirement plans, as did I, compared timelines to projected retirement dates, and VA benefits. He brought up going thru a company, non-lawyer office, not vets org, that helped him get an increase in his rated disability. I went on to ask him about how the company worked in fees for the assistance, etc., and, coming from someone who actually went thru it, I was very interested. Especially since I do have new things to file a disability for. Plus the fee being based only on if I get an increase in disability, seems like a win-win.

So yesterday evening I went ahead and made contact on their web site. They responded with going thru questionnaires which I did this evening. We’ll see how this goes.


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