VA claim percentage

This is something others may find interesting or more so, have wanted to know for a while. I came across a discussion forum while searching for VA related stuff. I had always wondered how my claim award was decided.

Computing VA claim award Percentages

1) Take the highest single rating, in your case 30%, that’s your starting point
2) Subtract that (30%) from 100%, so now you have 70% left
3) Multiply your next highest %, which is 10% and multiply by the 70%, which comes to 7%.
4) Add that to your starting 30%, and you are at 37%, after two of the ratings, with one left
5) Subtract the 37% from 100%, and that leaves 63%. Multiply that 63% x your last 10% rating = 6.3%
6) Add the 6.3% to the 37% you had before = 43.3%
7) VA rounds to the nearest 10%

If you can get to 44.5%, then they will round up to 50%. Basically, if you get any new 10% rating, or any of your previous ones go up at all, that will get you to at least 50%.

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