Trip to the Big Apple with Sugarhill Gang

I’m not well traveled at all. Years ago that was pretty much by choice, having had the Army at my disposal to move around but didn’t. I did get a few short opportunities to go exploring with friends, and I got to experience the BIG APPLE if only for a few days. The Bronx, late ’79. What a road trip that was!! I didn’t even know at the time, as we left the barracks, that we were going on that far of a road trip. Wish I had, ‘coz man I would have prepped better for some time on 42nd Street!!

And during that trip I remember trying to memorize the lyrics to rapper’s Delight.

I did get most of the verses down, tho I never had the long winded breath to actually keep up with it the whole way thru. These days when I hear the song and try to rap along, it drives the family nuts… 🙂 But anyway, so whenever I listen to this song, it always reminds me of my first real life experience of NYC.. of The Bronx (and seeing firsthand what the projects really are), and true look and feel of the hood.

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