TPMS aggravation

Sometimes I wonder why the old school ways are not good enough anymore. TPMS system light on the X-runner came on in September, and putting air in the tires and trying to reset wouldn’t work. So I took the truck in to Lex Brodie to have it checked. I needed new sensors I was told. Fine $350+ for all five.

Last week the light came on again. I put air in the 4 tires yesterday and then tried to reset, still stayed on. Damnit I need to take the truck back to the shop! Today I decided to drop the spare and check it since it too has a sensor. Tire pressure didn’t register much even tho the tire felt fully pumped up. I put air in it to 34psi, did the system reset and it cleared.

So evidently it was the air in the spare that was out of threshold for the system. Hmmm, was that the case all along (since Sept) and Lex Brodie just decided to coerce me to spend for new sensors?? Was I just too lazy to check the spare FIRST??? I mean, I can’t ignore the light even if I know the tires are all properly inflated because can’t pass safety check if the light stays on.

And why is TPMS a mandatory item on safety check anyway? Proper PMCS says check your tires before driving, etc.. Technology sometimes is more a pain in the ass than what it’s worth.

One thought on “TPMS aggravation

  1. Government mandating watch over us. It is a good thing to have really but to make it required for passing safety inspection I believe is government overreaching again.

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