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Mar 12, 2015 6:00AM
I saw this in a social media chat group. I snagged it… whoever posted the pic, thanks, eh!

Town House (the original one on the corner of Marine Drive and route 8, not the Agana Shopping Center one) was one of the places I used to go to or walk thru on my way to Julale Shopping Center, Paseo (baseball practice), etc.. And then, a few years after this picture was taken, I got a job in the stock room at Townhouse. The store moved in ’77/’78 to the newly built Agana Shopping Center, and the Town House we all knew from back then was never to be the same again. Gone was the old snack bar where scents of the hot grill would permeate the area and make us hungry for grilled ham and cheese sandwiches or a good greasy cheeseburger. No more aroma of freshly popped buttered popcorn when walking thru the south half of the store. No more red pistachios visible from outside thru the large plate glass windows of the same side of the store. No more visions of taxi drivers waiting for fares outside on the front side of the store on that long wooden bench that spanned almost the whole length of the store. Heh heh, and something I remember from when I worked there and was sweeping up the parking lot…. no more Teen Challenge Jesus freaks with pamphlets/handouts following people to solicit.

Ahh the old days on Guam, now forever relegated to memory. Memories of all the pre-teen and early teen freedoms, roaming, exploring… checking out Take 5 restaurant… the smell of the salty ocean at the statue of liberty at Paseo… counting my cash from my pocket so I could score something, anything, in those old stores like Marianas Divers, Gentlemen’s Quarters, many of those small head shops… before heading back home and stopping at the original American Bakery in Maite, passing thru the now totally gone Micronesian Hotel and all its wooden houses (called plantation style homes in Hawaii)…

Mar 9, 2020 5:00AM (Updated)
More old Guam photos I saw on social media….

4 thoughts on “Town House | Old Guam Throwback

  1. Hafa Adai thank you for sharing. My father was employed by the Jones’s eventually all eight of his children worked for J&G. I remember growing up towards the end of summer J&G would have a back to school shopping where the entire store would be closed to the public and only employees and their family would have Town House to themselves, they even had Christmas Club wow good times.

    1. Thanks for commenting. Yes I remember the employee only sales. What I remember more of that old Town House was the smell of buttered popcorn and red pistachio net shells on the snack bar end of the store…

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