‘Tis the season 2011 ~ Thoughts

Two things jump out at a person signaling the start of the Christmas holidays…. One is when you find yourself eating leftover turkey, turkey soup, turkey sandwiches, turkey casserole, etc., which obviously indicates the days after Thanksgiving and into December when the family is trying desperately to finish all the leftover turkey! The second is when all the stored Christmas ornaments and lights have to come out and days must be reserved for putting up decorations and the lights.

I have a hard time getting started every year. My primary task is the outside and yard lights and decorations. Lou and the girls do the tree and the inside stuff, which Imput up the yard ornaments and porch lights. I never look forward to it initially, because one of the things that irk me all to hell is putting up lights that all worked when I first unrolled the strand and plugged them in to test, but once tacked, stapled, or otherwise hung up and then re-plugged in they don’t work… or some bulbs don’t work… or the multi-sectioned lights have certain portions that don’t light. I come so close into going into a bah-humbug rage when that happens!!

Luckily, however, Lou frequently checks out the post-Christmas sales when lights and other decorations are so cheap. We have a few boxes of 2-3 year old, still brand new lights in many strand lengths. So at least when one strand acts up, I can rip it out and get a new replacement without having to peel out speeding to Wal-Mart or other store to go find more lights.

Once I’ve started, however, I go from being grumpy about having to inventory all the lights, ornaments and yard decorations, various extension cords and power adapters, timers, etc., to eager anticipation of how I’m going to lay out the decorations and the power them all off of one timed system. By the time the initial plan is thought through I’m gung ho don’t-get-in-my-way mode ’till completion. I almost want to go the whole 9-yards and do the roof and second floor overhang, but Lou insists that’s overkill… which it is. But hon, we have more than enough lights!!! 🙂 And after it’s all done, I’m tired, my knees and ankles hurt from going up and down the ladder, I’m sweaty at least 4 times over, but it feels good as soon as I test my work and plug it all in come evening.

Then… I look across the street and Mom’s house now needs the same TLC for yard decorating this year!! And so the process starts all over again….

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