Tied to old BBS days

I’ve been on the ‘net on a hosted site for almost if not, 20 years. First a static HTML hand coding based site of web pages. Then onto more functional and dynamics platforms like Discusware forums, PHPBB forums, PHP-Fusion CMS, a quick tinkering with PHP-Nuke, Coppermine Gallery, WordPress, back to PHP-Fusion, and back to and currently on WordPress. I’m still restless as I continue to figure out what I want to ultimately settle on. It started to bother me that I can’t settle in on what I want to focus on. Not that I have a whole lot to offer the web public, but for my own accessibility and storage of my own shit. And maybe chat/message for7m style with some people along the way. Whatever, it’s my dime.

I happened to be in a reminiscent mood this past weekend and was perusing old dial-up bulletin board (BBS) stuff. I don’t know, I still feel a craving, however weak and distant it may be, to run a telnet based BBS and run an ANSI BBS like I did in the old dial-up days. There’s just something about being in an exclusive enclave as opposed to being on the side of the superhighway for any Tom, Dick or Harry to be able to drop by. Back then people who used dial-in modems to access BBSes (1) had to have some techie smarts to even know how to dial in, (2) had to understand and observe common dial-up community courtesies and etiquette of be immediately flamed out of the community and banned, and (3) were not allowed a “right” to staying anonymous and causing problems because of the safety of keyboard anonymity. But that’s a bygone era (more tech savvy and non-asshole users). The web has made the world a population of assholes. Got it.

Anyway, on to my realization during this weekend of reminiscing. It suddenly hit me as to why I’m restless yet again about changing the format and platform of the site. Itt’s precisely because of the old BBS days. The old BBSes were dialup access to places that had a message area (today’s forums), private messaging (PM/DM), a files area for filesharing uploading/downloading almost any type of files (programs, apps, and .gif/.jpg and other image format files for a “gallery” of sorts). So what I’ve been doing in going back and forth moving the site from forum software to blog to photogallery platforms was to try to find what my target area of interest is. I didn’t realize it, but I want what the old BBSes had… all those areas in one site. The other thing I didn’t realize is that PHP-Fusion has that. And I need to step farther back from all the web based wants, that the old BBSes didn’t have at all, that I keep scrapping PHP-Fusion for in deficiencies.

Do it like the old BBS. Someone dials in and registers, fine. They get access to whatever is given to registered users. They validate with ID, fine, they get that level. No more. They want certain special access, they do what it takes to get that access. No previews for this, access with finer tuned precision restrictions for that, requiring add-ons and infusions and plugins galore to splice and dice the hard security and functional restrictions built in.


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