Thoughts – an old friend Martin Mendiola

I searched several times over the years after hearing from someone that Mart passed away. I finally found something.

I think I can honestly say that Mart, of all my teenage friends, has held one of the more significant memories for me. We hung out like thick and thin for a while. I actually learned how to and then honed my crazy driving skills thru him because at 14 I always drove his cars (mom’s, sister’s, brother’s, etc.) whenever we were on the road… him and everyone else in the car drinking, me doing the driving while drinking too. Racing, speeding all over the place. Hanging out was my early freedom to be anyplace on the island we wanted. Staying out all night until dawn. Getting into all kinds of shit. Hanging out, just for the sake of it. Frequenting Skateland, Marbo Cave, flea market when it was at Polaris Point, his Sunday family barbecues at Tanguissan Beach. Going up to his family’s ranch in Yigo to check on the ‘plants’. The gang with him was Alfred and George Masga, Mike ‘White’ Palomo, Earl Wittenberg, they were the core gang….

Years after I joined the Army I heard he passed away “suddenly”, meaning at his own hands and he chose his demise. Sad. No first-hand backstory.

Rest in peace Mart.

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