Those aimless, who knows where I’ll end up, days

I mentioned this several times to some around me about those younger days, cloudy in memory, hazy at best… the drifting days where when I left the home in the morning, who the frick knows where I’d go, who I’d run into, who I’d hang with or get into some shady shit with, what kind of shady shit I’d be getting into, and what time I’d get back home for the night. In hindsight I could also easily have asked who knows if I’d make it home alive or end up in jail.

And those younger days memories were brought back by a couple of movies whose plots are pretty much the same. Imagining Christian Bale’s character Jim Davis in his crazy journey from one situation to another, never to come back the same…

Or in Training Day, Ethan Hawke’s character Jake Hoyt’s bad first day taking him from one bad situation to the next edgy situation.

I can vaguely recall many a late, late night being in a sketchy situation or with a very unstable, potentially volatile crowd, having started out that morning merely leaving the front door of the house supposedly for school. And in that 18 hour period I’d been all over the island, rubbed elbows with all kinds of crazy characters, plotted some outlandish shit, and executed said plots, to get some down fr the day… only to want more down by evening and go thru the same shit… and thus ending up in bad company.

My how different life has become, and for the better!!!!

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