This gun ban/second amendment white noise

I call it white noise because to me it is… that background hiss and crackle that is always there, not so loud that we cannot talk and carry on with the day’s agenda, but ever so present enough in volume that when you stop talking, you hear it like low volume elevator music. People keep talking and talking about it as if they plan to win some marathon contest or the Guiness record filibuster or some shit… just to hear themselves talk.

Several people i know have asked me what my take is on the move to ban assault weapons, the second amendment and our right to bear arms. When I tell them what I think, they commence to troubleshoot my faulty way of thinking, profess their ever so intelligent stance on the issues surrounding every aspect of every angle of every legitimate argument from both sides. Really? Do we really need to dissect this until there is no corpse left?

I do not believe there is any rational need for any person, whose argument is to defend themselves from thugs and criminals, to own assault rifles, insanely large capacity ammunition magazines, or the life. None whatsoever. If it takes more than 10-12 rounds (I honestly don’t know what the standard magazine capacity is) from a handheld Glock 9mm to stop a burglar, someone forgot to take shooting lessons after purchasing the handgun! If the argument is you need more capacity than that to fight off someone with a semi-automatic rifle, then you as a homeowner/ordinary citizen are in an enduring gunfight that you as an ordinary citizen shouldn’t be preparing to defend against, really. Let’s be real. If you feel you need a full choke weapon complete with 9 yards of belt-fed high caliber rounds, or have that mentality, then you’re looking for more trouble than simple defense of your family and personal safety. and you’re a little off kilter protecting your illegal moonshine still or some shit.

Having said that, as an American I think you have every right to believe what you believe and own what you want to own within the limits and regulations provided by law. Nobody should ban or abolish or confiscate your weapon because it has the potential to kill needlessly and cause unimaginable destruction. I can obtain a 50-cal on a tripod and 100 boxes of ammo, enough to kill an entire town. That weapon will sit still and idle for as long as I do not pick it up and fire it. and whether it accomplishes everything it is capable of doing is not the conscious decision of the rifle, but mine. human intervention and execution. So why target the weapon for removal? Target the sick fuck who runs around killing innocent people. I mean, and I mentioned this online somewhere (Facebook), I can go buy the top performing model Chevy Corvette, supercharge it and do whatever other performance mods to max it out to utlra performance capability. Now that I have it revving in my driveway, breathing as if it is about to devour every Toyota Prius within reach, and ready to peak at 180mph in the next 3 seconds on every possible road on Oahu where 60mph is the fastest legal speed limit, should someone come along and take it away because it has that capability? Or is it my responsibility to drive it responsibly within legal road statutes, and get arrested if I exceed limits? Do you see the analogy?

I say leave the laws and limits on gun ownership as is. Require background security checks on everybody wishing to buy a gun. not NAC or regional police clearance checks, but something along the lines of background investigations equivalent to one required for a government secret security clearance. Then, federal and state law enforcement, get your collective asses in gear about illegal gun trafficking. THAT is the problem. The school shootings, the movie theater shootings, the mall shootings, yes most were at the hands of legally procured guns. Those were also the less common, but highly profiled and media covered shootings. Put those news cameras on the daily inner city drive-bys , gang affiliated shootings, liquor/grocery store armed robberies, and all the other ‘random’ gun crimes that white and middle income suburbia ignores as not their problem and the inner city communities have become inhumanely numb to it because it is their daily life’s reality.

No I don’t have a gun license or legally own a gun. That is not to say I am vulnerable to a criminal breaking into my home. Read between those lines. I learned a long time ago that my temperament and inclinations when threatened into ‘going ape shit’ mode does not blend well with me also holding or having immediate access to a loaded firearm. Once that trigger in me is tripped and I coincidentally have the ability to pull a trigger, be it once or over and over, be it to reactively defend myself and my family or lapse into premeditated revenge action, both those triggers will fire. The only way for me not to go down that road is to remove the tools that wold otherwise make it possible.

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