The wikileaks thing

This wikileaks thing has been big drama on the news, and of course, it is a serious thing. We even had official guidance at work on how the (work) community has to handle or respond to any personal dealings with related matter.

On the morning drive to work, Perry and Price brought the question up about why TREASON is never charged and prosecuted anymore. Damn good question!

Now, I haven’t paid particular attention to the news about Wikileaks and the Army private (PFC Manning) who is suspected of being behind the classified information leaks. So I wouldn’t know what finer points of argument people would have in favor of the disclosures. I don’t pay attention because to me there are no points of argument to be made. Classified information does not belong in the hands of the public. Period. Until such a time that said information is formally declassified and released for public consumption, it should remain protected. And those who violate this should be prosecuted to the full extent of federal law. In this case, since we are at war, then it should be a treason charge punishable by death.

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