The Tandy 1000SL

Nostalgia attack this evening after searching for some computer stuff and I saw a thing about a Tandy 1000TX computer. My first computer purchase to replace the dinosaur C/PM based Xerox computer we had was a Tandy 1000SL. I bought it at Radio Shack in Waynesboro, PA while killing time waiting for Lou who was in K-Mart next door.

So I went looking for images to quench my nostalgic mood.

It was my first MS-DOS based color computer. At the time, it was welcome to the 20th century after living with a text based monochrome monitor system! I got the Tandy 1000SL, a Tandy CM-5 color monitor, and a Tandy DMP-132 dot matrix printer that had tractor feed.

I eventually sold it when I upgraded to a 80386DX system. I sometimes wish I’d kept it just for nostalgic reasons, but that would have required space to keep it set up. Space that was not going to be useful….

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