The saddest is when it’s a child

When it’s a child, when the family is tangibly real to you, when you know the parent. What to say to them when their child dies by suicide… The saying is real: A parent should never have to experience the death of their child. I simply cannot imagine the horrific thoughts, reactions, parents experience at the loss of their child, especially under the scenario of suicide.

I do imagine that external circumstances leading to the child’s ultimate decision are the least irrelevant questions in the parent’s mind in the immediate moments following, and the major thought is what the parent did, what they did not do, what did they do wrong, what did they not see, that could have changed and prevented things. Even though in reality there are few times when a parent is the blame, it is the parental instinct to protect the child at all cost and so sometimes it may feel like they failed. You can’t tell them they are incorrect in feeling like that… it does not remove the pain.
RESTRICTED CONTENT Prayers and the promise that I’ll do what I can if they need anything. That’s all I can do.

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