The police murder of George Floyd

Well, title this one documenting history because this, at least for now, will not quickly fade into history. At least not for weeks or months after all the riots and destruction stop across the country.

I guess our country as a whole is not learning from its mistakes despite news media leading illusions of such after each of these tragedies. George Floyd was murdered by Minneapolis police this past Monday much in the same way Eric Garner was killed in New York by NYPD in 2014. The outrage is crazy and justified, though methods, the looting, the destruction of property in the fires, etc., are stupid hood style antics that are senseless to the cause of wanting justice. It’s only been 4 days since this senseless killing, with curfews in several cities have been imposed, National Guard activated in force, Pentagon putting active duty MP units on alert to deploy to assist Minneapolis and probably other cities. We’ll see where this all leads.

Video captured from YouTube and self-hosted because shared video from YT always tends to disappear after a while, rendering my posts useless…

I always attempt to side with law enforcement is iffy situations where justifiable actions are questionable or not clear. People who put themselves in situations with police to have something bad happen as a result of non-cooperation, resisting, etc., put their lives at risk as far as I’m concerned. Never doubt a police officer’s will to make it thru his day of work and go home to his family alive. Whatever that cost. I wholeheartedly agree and support that. This situation, as was the 2014 NYPD situation, was not one of those days. This was blatant brutality and murder by a documented bad cop. The city of Minneapolis needs to come to terms with that, own up to it, and pay dearly for it.

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