The house is lively again

For the next two weeks, the house is lively and full of activity. Lina flew in from the west coast Wednesday evening, and Peaches, Michael, Stephan and baby Mia all came in from the east coast this evening. Justin and family came over to join the crowded house for dinner and the grands all had a ball reuniting. Mia of course was the newbie on the block, us meeting baby girl for the first time!

Such a happy two weeks this will be, the first time in a few years that all my kids, and their kids, have been together. Who knows,. could be the last for a long time too.


And, as LuluBelle and I get older, this is the scenario that we saw out parents, and those before them, go thru. The kids grow up and move away, starting and living their own lives. That old storyline of families taking long road trips to visit grandma and grandpa out in the country on the farm. Hmmm… this is it in our scenario. It has started.

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