Teleworking fulltime is a wrap

The word was given to all go back into the office this week so teleworking is done for the most part, except as needed for certain things. It’s been an adjustment getting used to waking up that much earlier in order to drive in to work. What I didn’t factor in was in teleworking being less of a work activity, exertion and movement. So in going back into the office, it’s back to walking more, into and out f the building, going up and down the stairs multiple times during the day. Shit I was actually a bit sore! Which is actually a good thing having more exertion, because being too idle isn’t healthy.

As to whether, in comparison now, I prefer teleworking or going into the office. I prefer teleworking so long as I have all the tools to do 100% of my job (less the high side of course). And I have been able to. My problem has been more with the other workers teleworking and mu not knowing exactly what they were doing and if they were goofing off a lot. But that’s just me, 100% effort on the job.

If I’m to choose, I’d say we all work in the office!

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