Technology is the bloodline of our lives

Thursday night Hawaii had a storm blow in from the southwest that was expected to whip up some hefty gusts and rain. It’s not that uncommon but is pretty seasonal. The kind of storm that Guam gets all the time and we, on Guam, yawn at. Well, on the leeward side of the island, and the Ewa plain in particular, we felt it. Early Friday morning some 15 or more power poles came down, the power going out with it. Coincidentally, the union representing Hawaiian Electric Co. (HECO) workers has been in arbitration about new contracts for some weeks, and yesterday voted to go on strike as of 3:15pm.. While power was still out and the infrastructure still in disarray… how coincidental, huh!

That all said, we were without power. No refrigerator/freezer running, no TV, no internet or PCs, no brewed coffee that morning, no automatic garage doors opening and closing. Things that we’ve become so accustomed to having with electricity on. Holy shit! How did we survive without the majority of these conveniences when we were growing up?? Not knowing how long we’d be inconvenienced, we picked up food for meals and, without TV or web surfing at our fingertips, we played board games. And you know what? Lina and Rosie had no idea how to play monopoly! Who never played monopoly in their childhood years??? Amazing. I had a hard time with not being able to check email and FB… and ended up hearing it from the kids about how if I’d upgraded to an iPhone I’d be able to surf.. I even teased that I was going upstairs to sit in front of my computer and stare at it…

The thing that is both funny and sad at the same time is it is during times like these when there are no other technological distractions, when all we have left to do is sit out on the lanai and shoot the breeze, when we as a family just sit and chat about so many different things. Lou, Noel and I sharing our stories with the younger ones about how back in our day when we had to worry about food spoiling in the freezer, we’d make runs to the ice plant and come back with several hundred pounds of ice blocks to chill everything… unlike now having to run for bags upon bags of ice cubes. We’d point out that these days nobody notices the night sky and the beauty of the stars until there is a total blackout and no glow of lights anywhere diffuse the ability to see the sky. And all of a sudden we’re all into telling stories and listening to each other tell stories. No Maple Story to draw Lina away, no web surfing to keep me preoccupied…
Power finally came back on at about 3:30am today. Probably temporarily until HECO gets their shit together and replaces all the downed/snapped poles and has to cut power in order to restring the lines.

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