Lou Making Face Masks Re: COVID-19

Lou has been making face covering masks for Justin since last night. You go girl, support the effort! Pretty fucked up tho, why the Guard doesn’t provide this PPE item for their activated troops. Or, is what their supply channels get too cheap that the soldiers want something more durable and washable?… Continue Reading “Lou Making Face Masks Re: COVID-19”

Other people DO NOT define our life experiences

I was passively reading some news outlet stuff and came across something about one of the stars of Grey’s Anatomy (which I don’t watch so who the person is is irrelevant to me). He was interviewed by Glamour magazine about some scandal or something. I liked his response, which in part was:

“WasContinue Reading “Other people DO NOT define our life experiences”

4th of July Family Staycation

It was very, very, overdue. The last time we had a vacation or staycation as a family was long before the kids were married/had families of their own… when they themselves were still kids/teens… 1996 trip to the Big Island. So partially because Peaches and Stephan are moving soon, we decided (I … Continue Reading “4th of July Family Staycation”