Removed “useless” links from NAV widget

The top right menu options set titled Navigation. After google searching over and over, looking for (1) the right, the updated for current WP version, tip, how-to writeup, and (2) reasonably easy procedures that a layman like I can follow, a writeup on how to remove the ENTRIES FEED, COMMENTS FEED, and WORDPRESS.ORG… Continue Reading “Removed “useless” links from NAV widget”

CD to directories with spaces in the DIR name

I wonder why I never came across this before, but I learned today!!! This was when I CLI’d into the server and was wanting to CD and tree contents of directories, and from the CLI it wouldn’t recognize the directory while it was listing in the ls-la output and clearly accessible via FTP.

To be able … Continue Reading “CD to directories with spaces in the DIR name”