1994 Shooting/shootout

For whatever reason, probably because of the recent OCCC shooting, I went back to one of the incidents that I still remember back in 1994 and made a note of. Since then a lot has changed for Stan Cook, the officer who was shot and survived that shootout. He has a site that he owns that details and historifies his experience.… Continue Reading “1994 Shooting/shootout”

OCCC escapee shooting – I side with good riddance

The detainee/inmate was being charged with, among other things, attempted murder on a law enforcement officer. Then, after a hearing, he tries to escape from OCCC while being re-processed thru intake. He gets shot in his escape attempt by a corrections guard. He dies.

Again, social media brings out bold opinions… Continue Reading “OCCC escapee shooting – I side with good riddance”

Sand Island Shooting incident

This, no doubt, will become one of the notorious Oahu shootings. What a tense standoff and wild ending, to say the leas last week, 11 days ago. This incident also coincidentally has ties to other personal events…. which I mention behind closed doors in the Back Room…

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Shootout with Cop in Waipahu

Horrific, sensational, wow Hawaii we’re almost like the OK Corral. The shootout between some meth head with an AK47 and HPD Officer Stan Cook in Waipahu was crazy to read in the paper and watch coverage of on the news.

Drugs have always made for a dangerous world, dangerous communities. I’m not … Continue Reading “Shootout with Cop in Waipahu”