Kathy Griffin and Trump’s Head. Too much? Or no?

May 31 news tidbit is about Kathy Griffin and her ‘joke’ or ‘attempt at humor’ holding a bloody, severed head of Donald Trump. Over the edge? Crossed the line? Or no?
If that depicts Trumps’ severed head, then maybe that qualifies him as disabled and we can tease him for being… Continue Reading “Kathy Griffin and Trump’s Head. Too much? Or no?”

From Bill Maher re: Trump’s whining

I don’t bash for or against either side in public. I do have my views and opinions but rarely is it worth argument. The world plays itself out no matter what my or your opinion (so think about that before you spout out shit nobody around you wants to hear!) But sometimes, it gets downright comical… … Continue Reading “From Bill Maher re: Trump’s whining”

News Report from Iraq

Someone posted this on my old and defunct 13n144e.com website (was running PHP-Fusion v5.x). This had me rolling!!! The video itself is funny, but what made it even more hilarious to me is, after following both the first Gulf war and then OEF/OIF, this can easily be Christine Amanpour (CNN International Correspondent)… Continue Reading “News Report from Iraq”