HIARNG units on the move per da Gov

Guard units got activated for assistance with COVID-19 efforts. I saw on social media some people commenting that, oh, at least it’s not a real deployment (referencing danger). Think about it though. With COVID-19 assistance and containment efforts, it’s even MORE dangerous. They’re… Continue Reading “HIARNG units on the move per da Gov”

Lou Making Face Masks Re: COVID-19

Lou has been making face covering masks for Justin since last night. You go girl, support the effort! Pretty fucked up tho, why the Guard doesn’t provide this PPE item for their activated troops. Or, is what their supply channels get too cheap that the soldiers want something more durable and washable?… Continue Reading “Lou Making Face Masks Re: COVID-19”

Bodies Piling Up – News Headline

I commented to Lou about a few different things related to the current unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic environment and the things going on that have never happened before in our lifetime. I told her there might be value in capturing slices, tidbits, of events just to document, as it impacts our lives. I’ve… Continue Reading “Bodies Piling Up – News Headline”

We must laugh in the face of this pandemic

Another approach to documenting this world of ours and the craziness of this COVID-19 pandemic is a satirical one. The web is exploding with memes and videos making light of our sad predicament. Sometimes that’s all we can do. I saw this one video that cracked me up. One of our old classmates posted it in… Continue Reading “We must laugh in the face of this pandemic”