You’re “LITERALLY” stupid!!! Use it correctly dumbasses!!!

One for the pet peeve collection.

For all the people on social media who post shit using the word “literally” and “literal”, study up here, ‘coz you represent yourself as stupid when you use it incorrectly:

Got it? Are you sure? So, when something makes you “laugh your… Continue Reading “You’re “LITERALLY” stupid!!! Use it correctly dumbasses!!!”

What has social media done to humility in people!

I used to post comments and my opinion about a multitude of topics that were posted, supposedly for discussion, on social media. Facebook primarily. There are other social media outlets of course. But over the years I’ve slowly weaned myself of public commenting. It seems that these days, people who… Continue Reading “What has social media done to humility in people!”

Outside opinions in one’s relationship

I was just reading some tabloid trash kind of page linked off of about Maria Shriver possibly thinking twice about divorcing Arnold Swarzenegger (if you don’t know what their deal is, then you don’t need to read this because you’re not much for Hollywood tabloid stuff anyway). … Continue Reading “Outside opinions in one’s relationship”