Kalihi Shooting: Self Defense or Murder? Hmmm

The shooting happened the evening of Nov 7th. I picked up the [url=https://www.hawaiinewsnow.com/2019/11/08/deadly-overnight-shooting-kalihi-under-investigation/]story on HNN[/url] and the [url=https://www.staradvertiser.com/2019/11/12/breaking-news/man-charged-with-murder-in-fatal-shooting-of-kalihi-teen-appears-in-court/]Advertiser[/url].… Continue Reading “Kalihi Shooting: Self Defense or Murder? Hmmm”

Homeless people being sent here from the Mainland?

They (Michael W. Perry and crew) were talking about a NY Post article reporting that New York (their mayor?) have this quiet program of sending homeless people on one-way tickets to other states, Hawaii being one. This, as repeated in HNN‘s article. They’ve mentioned cities doing this in the … Continue Reading “Homeless people being sent here from the Mainland?”

Other people DO NOT define our life experiences

I was passively reading some news outlet stuff and came across something about one of the stars of Grey’s Anatomy (which I don’t watch so who the person is is irrelevant to me). He was interviewed by Glamour magazine about some scandal or something. I liked his response, which in part was:

“WasContinue Reading “Other people DO NOT define our life experiences”

Fmr LtGov Tenorio’s “teaching moment”???

I posted somewhere else, thought to share here.

What does anyone think about the thing (recent follow up story here) with Ray Tenorio, former Lt Governor, and his legal issue after trying to grab a police officer’s gun? He says he was in law enforcement and saw an officer with an alleged improperly holstered… Continue Reading “Fmr LtGov Tenorio’s “teaching moment”???”