Eddie Van Halen – RIP to the GOAT

News today of Eddie Van Halen’s passing. As I posted on my Facebook timeline, Was never much for knowing who the faces, voices, artists were as individuals behind their band/group persona. He was pretty much the standout exception.
RIP Eddie Van Halen.

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Chamorro mp3 List/Collection

Pues okay, this is what I have in my collection of the music library for Chamorro mp3’s. Ronnie thanks for asking… over and over and over… 🙂
Updated 7/21/2020


├── 1st Issue
│   ├── Cruise Control
│   │   ├── 01.Chamorro Pride.mp3
│   │   ├── 02.Gotte Mafnut.mp3
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Noting Kenny Rogers in music memories

Legendary country singer Kenny Rogers dies at 81

I grew up not knowing or realizing there were very distinct genres of music since on Guam we had a very small, select, choice of radio stations. I only remember two…. KUAM and KSTO (K-Stereo). The stations played the different genres at different times … Continue Reading “Noting Kenny Rogers in music memories”

Alternative Rock version of Wham’s “Careless Whisper”

Nora Camacho Kelly posted on FB about a metal version cover of Wham/George Michael’s hit “Careless Whisper”. I was drawn to find out how a metal version of the soft sounds kind of music by Wham would really come out. Hmmmm, I like it! Wham had a much more softer and gentler sound and feel. Which… Continue Reading “Alternative Rock version of Wham’s “Careless Whisper””

WAR onstage at Blue Note Hawaii

I got Lou tickets for two, as a Christmas present, to Blue Note Hawaii to see WAR perform. So we went this evening. Lina and Jon dropped us off and then picked us up. It was nice, and we enjoyed the music and performance! It was a sold out 6:30pm performance so we were packed. But comfortable. Now we’ve seen … Continue Reading “WAR onstage at Blue Note Hawaii”