Nohelani Cypriano ~ In the Evening

I found this song on YouTube and had to have it. It was a hit in Hawaii soon after I got stationed here for the first time, after Lou and I just got married and were starting our lives together. Everything about Hawaii was good, life was good, everything was fun and happy times. This song, by Nohelani Cypriano, brings so many memories of those times flooding back.

Pua Olena

Whenever I think back to when I first got stationed in Hawaii, and Lou joined me after we got married, I think of a ‘magical time’ in our life. You know, life was good, the world was ours to conquer, we were living everyday on our terms.

And the warmth of the islands was in our veins, in our hearts. Unlike 99.9% of military people who come to Hawaii and hole up on post, never experiencing the culture and the aloha, we embraced it.…

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When I used to miss home – The Krush – Waialua Sky

The song is Hawaii origin, not Guam. But it reminds me of, back in the day, my longing for home in the same way the lyrics portray the singer (The Krush, circa 1980) missing his Waialua childhood home.

The Krush – Wailua Sky

In the night, an island rain
Brought to mind an old familiar scene
Long forgotten now

Quickly time just passes by
Only all too soon, the years can fly
Here to find I’ve grown

And now, that I’m on my own
Gone from my family

I think of all the simple things
Like the sound of falling rain
Beneath Waialua Sky

Lately now, my thoughts have been
Turning to a place where I was born
With memories so warm

It’s been awhile that I’ve been gone
Many things have changed how well I know
That nothing stays the same

Though I know I must go on
To where my life will lead

Often I will think of days
When I just would laugh and play
Beneath Waialua Sky

Long before, I ever knew
Where to go or what to do
I had a way of life
I know will always see me through

Here and now, grown a man
Learning through my heart to understand
What will be my goal

A quiet night
an island rain
Takes me to a child again
Beneath Waialua sky

When I first joined the Army and left home, I certainly missed Lou, family, friends, etc..…

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