Gus ‘N’ Doll Munga Ma Usa Yo

Listening to this song takes me back to when Lou and I got married and I was home on leave. I don’t listen to Chamorro music too often, and I don’t have any means to truly keep up with the more recent artists. So I listen to the older stuff. And when I do it almost puts me into a trance of nostalgia and homesickness…… Continue Reading “Gus ‘N’ Doll Munga Ma Usa Yo”

Nohelani Cypriano ~ In the Evening

I found this song on YouTube and had to have it. It was a hit in Hawaii soon after I got stationed here for the first time, after Lou and I just got married and were starting our lives together. Everything about Hawaii was good, life was good, everything was fun and happy times. This song, by Nohelani Cypriano, brings… Continue Reading “Nohelani Cypriano ~ In the Evening”

When I used to miss home – The Krush – Waialua Sky

When I first joined the Army and left home, I certainly missed Lou, family, friends, etc.. I also would go into periods of missing home life, the simplicity and coziness of it, all the things about Guam that I couldn’t quantify to others around me.

I used to tell myself that I was going to do one enlistment… Continue Reading “When I used to miss home – The Krush – Waialua Sky”