What’s Up/What’s Going On (4 Non-Blondes)

I didn’t have any particular attraction to this song when it first came out as a single in what, 1993? I also don’t recall any extraordinary lingering of the song on the charts, on the playlists, radio, etc., after. But I dunno, it seems like there was some minor resurgence of its popularity thru … Continue Reading “What’s Up/What’s Going On (4 Non-Blondes)”

Once Again, the late great Rap Reiplinger

I was googling Honolulu events for the next month in anticipation of visitors. I came across this article called Remembering Rap: A New Book Tells the Story of Hawai‘i Humorist Rap Reiplinger in Honolulu Magazine. I gotta get the book. I’m a forever fan of Rap and an admirer of his work. To this day Lou and… Continue Reading “Once Again, the late great Rap Reiplinger”

Those aimless, who knows where I’ll end up, days

I mentioned this several times to some around me about those younger days, cloudy in memory, hazy at best… the drifting days where when I left the home in the morning, who the frick knows where I’d go, who I’d run into, who I’d hang with or get into some shady shit with, what kind of shady… Continue Reading “Those aimless, who knows where I’ll end up, days”

Taking me back to a safe place in my mind

I saw this shared on Facebook, and it stopped me in my tracks to sit and listen. And… not really reminisce per se but rather, let whatever memories attached to this song come flooding back. Preteen days, when life was all fun, carefree, safe. Where my biggest deadline was getting to baseball practice on… Continue Reading “Taking me back to a safe place in my mind”