Chamorro mp3 List/Collection

Pues okay, this is what I have in my converted collection of the music library for Chamorro mp3’s. Ronnie thanks for asking… over and over and over… 🙂 I will update as needed

Updated 09/026/2021

├── 1st Issue
│   ├── Cruise Control
│   │   ├── 01.Chamorro… Continue Reading “Chamorro mp3 List/Collection”

Lyrics to ‘Baby Hoben Hit Na Casamiento’

Pioneers of Chamorro Music Timeless Collection
Baby, Hoben Hit Na Casamiento (Terry Rojas & Johnny Sablan)


Hongge yu’ neni sumen guaiya yu’ nu hågu
You promise me baby I promise too I will always love you
Neni oh neni ai mampos hoben hit na dos
Yes we are young but together we’ll share the vow that we’ve… Continue Reading “Lyrics to ‘Baby Hoben Hit Na Casamiento’”

Frank ‘Bokonggo’ Pangelinan – Katrina

One of my all time top favorite Chamorro songs is one titled “Katrina”, by Frank Bokonggo Pangelinan. I actually didn’t hear it for the first time until I was stationed in Korea, spending a year away from the wife and kids. It became my heartwarming, curl up and get mahalang song.

This is Bokonggo’s… Continue Reading “Frank ‘Bokonggo’ Pangelinan – Katrina”

Putting the Chamorro and Hawaii CDs into MP3

I’ve been ripping CDs, trying my best to convert vinyl and cassette tape to .mp3 format. I’ve been thinking of then uploading them to the web site server and linking them to be played like I did when I had my web site on geocities (remember…). … Continue Reading “Putting the Chamorro and Hawaii CDs into MP3”