Had to do some house repairs

Our main garage entrance lip has been cracking and chipping away over the years because the rebars inside the concrete are rusting. Personally, I think it’s part of the whole Haseko lawsuit thing where all their first phase development homes are showing foundation cracks because of rusting metal bars and … Continue Reading “Had to do some house repairs”

Okay, Lina’s driving now

Yep, babygirl is finally driving now. As all three kids have grown up, learning to drive and actually getting on the road has been the rite of passage to independence. As it is for all teens.

We went shopping for a car for Lina. Originally, I thought about a used car no more than 2-3 years old, maybe a Camry or Corolla.… Continue Reading “Okay, Lina’s driving now”

Built Out the Lanai and Garage Extension

We’d been talking about extending the back porch into a small lanai for some time now, because it just wasn’t enough room from the rain when we smoke. As the contemplating went on, I also decided I need a 3rd car garage to get my truck off the street. Initial thoughts were just a concrete carport slab… Continue Reading “Built Out the Lanai and Garage Extension”