Rap: Hawaii’s Comic Genius

Yes, Rap Reiplinger lives on in us. I happened upon this video while checking for humor on YT, apparently a TV presentation that was done in the early 2010s or so (referencing ‘nearly 30 years after his passing). I had to capture it…

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Big Island of Hawaii disaster unfolding

I watch the news almost every evening to catch up on what’s going on with the Kilauea eruption, and it’s heartbreaking. Heartbreaking to see this tragedy unfold and as each day passes and it gets more widespread, there’s nothing anybody can do to slow or stop it. It’s like a scene out… Continue Reading “Big Island of Hawaii disaster unfolding”

Reality of a ballistic missile threat

Today was an eerie, spooky, frightening day. For me, the family, the state of Hawaii. They say talk is cheap, and today the true definition of that phrase became defined in my mind in no way ever done before.

I say talk is cheap because we can discuss the NK threat, the possibility of a missile strike to Hawaii, all… Continue Reading “Reality of a ballistic missile threat”

Thoughts about the Lisa Au unsolved murder

This is one unsolved murder case in Honolulu that left a lasting impression with me. Maybe because it was the first high profile, sensational, and socially impacting one that I absorbed in the news as a young adult, recently moved to Hawaii at the time. And it had ripple effect ramifications… HPD banned… Continue Reading “Thoughts about the Lisa Au unsolved murder”