I guess I’ve been away from Guam a long time! Where TF is Ramirez Street in Toto???

In reading the news on guampdn online, one headline story referred to Ramirez Street in Toto. I thought to myself I’m born and raised in Toto, where the hell is Ramirez Street? So I had to look it up in google maps.

That street was not there when I was growing up! Then again, a lot of stuff in that vicinity, as… Continue Reading “I guess I’ve been away from Guam a long time! Where TF is Ramirez Street in Toto???”

Fmr LtGov Tenorio’s “teaching moment”???

I posted somewhere else, thought to share here.

What does anyone think about the thing (recent follow up story here) with Ray Tenorio, former Lt Governor, and his legal issue after trying to grab a police officer’s gun? He says he was in law enforcement and saw an officer with an alleged improperly holstered… Continue Reading “Fmr LtGov Tenorio’s “teaching moment”???”

Landmark Plumeria hotel – gone?

I forget if it was Guam’s todaysrealty realtors that posted this or something else. But it caught my attention. The Plumeria Hotel in Mongmong/Maite. t’s been there since as far back as I can remember, back into my earliest childhood memories. We also stayed there a few times while on leave in my… Continue Reading “Landmark Plumeria hotel – gone?”

WTF Guam, is it those “Others” doing this?

I don’t know, maybe over the last 2-3 years I’ve read news on GuamPDN about crime involving slingshots with pieces of rebar being shot. WTF is this?? Is this kind of cruel warfare the work of local Chamorro minds or that of uncivilized ones from “other islands”? I read shit about the… Continue Reading “WTF Guam, is it those “Others” doing this?”

Checking out the Chamorro Grindz

Lina had told me weeks ago that the Chamorro Grindz truck got a stall at the Waikele Shopping Center close to where the Leonard’s Malasadas truck parks, and would be there frequently. So I told myself we need to stop by and support them. Well today was the first day, as we stopped by on our way home from a short… Continue Reading “Checking out the Chamorro Grindz”