Noting Kenny Rogers in music memories

Legendary country singer Kenny Rogers dies at 81

I grew up not knowing or realizing there were very distinct genres of music since on Guam we had a very small, select, choice of radio stations. I only remember two…. KUAM and KSTO (K-Stereo). The stations played the different genres at different times … Continue Reading “Noting Kenny Rogers in music memories”

Final Farewell to fallen HPD Officer Kaulike Kalama

Lou and I had an appointment in town to see a financial advisor. On the way back from town, as we were going westbound, on the other side eastbound lanes right by the Vineyard exit there was a line of about 13 police cars parked on the side of the highway, all with blue lights on. They had gotten out of their cars and … Continue Reading “Final Farewell to fallen HPD Officer Kaulike Kalama”

Kobe Bryant and daughter die in helicopter crash!

A shocking news headline popped up on my phone this morning. Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter crash today. His 13-year old daughter Gianna was also on-board and 4 others.

I’m not much of an NBA fan, but still, Kobe was a big name that went beyond basketball enthusiasts. What bit of NBA sports I did watch during… Continue Reading “Kobe Bryant and daughter die in helicopter crash!”