Grands during Stephan’s visit

Peaches and Stephan have only been gone 4 months, but seems like much longer. Geez I miss Stephan, my boy. Anyway, Michael, Peaches and Stephan were in town this past week. Michael had a TDY here for , so Peaches and Stephan tagged along. They came in on the Monday and just left today. The grandkids enjoyed each … Continue Reading “Grands during Stephan’s visit”

Uncle Nate catching up with Peaches and Stephan

Peaches sent pics of them and meeting up with Nate Boyd. Nate lives what, maybe 50-60 miles away in White Plains.

Nice to see them getting together. Nice to know there’s a good family friend close enough by Peaches to be able to check up on her and Stephan (and Michael of course). And vice versa since old boy… Continue Reading “Uncle Nate catching up with Peaches and Stephan”