Final Farewell to fallen HPD Officer Kaulike Kalama

Lou and I had an appointment in town to see a financial advisor. On the way back from town, as we were going westbound, on the other side eastbound lanes right by the Vineyard exit there was a line of about 13 police cars parked on the side of the highway, all with blue lights on. They had gotten out of their cars and … Continue Reading “Final Farewell to fallen HPD Officer Kaulike Kalama”

1994 Shooting/shootout

For whatever reason, probably because of the recent OCCC shooting, I went back to one of the incidents that I still remember back in 1994 and made a note of. Since then a lot has changed for Stan Cook, the officer who was shot and survived that shootout. He has a site that he owns that details and historifies his experience.… Continue Reading “1994 Shooting/shootout”

OCCC escapee shooting – I side with good riddance

The detainee/inmate was being charged with, among other things, attempted murder on a law enforcement officer. Then, after a hearing, he tries to escape from OCCC while being re-processed thru intake. He gets shot in his escape attempt by a corrections guard. He dies.

Again, social media brings out bold opinions… Continue Reading “OCCC escapee shooting – I side with good riddance”

Horrific pedestrian accident in Kakaako

It was more than just a drunk driving pedestrian accident. To me it is more than DUI and manslaughter charges. It should be three counts of murder plus whatever other charges for fleeing police, reckless driving, and whatever else can be stacked against this motherf***er for the non-fatal injuries. As soon… Continue Reading “Horrific pedestrian accident in Kakaako”

WTF Guam, is it those “Others” doing this?

I don’t know, maybe over the last 2-3 years I’ve read news on GuamPDN about crime involving slingshots with pieces of rebar being shot. WTF is this?? Is this kind of cruel warfare the work of local Chamorro minds or that of uncivilized ones from “other islands”? I read shit about the… Continue Reading “WTF Guam, is it those “Others” doing this?”

Thoughts about the Lisa Au unsolved murder

This is one unsolved murder case in Honolulu that left a lasting impression with me. Maybe because it was the first high profile, sensational, and socially impacting one that I absorbed in the news as a young adult, recently moved to Hawaii at the time. And it had ripple effect ramifications… HPD banned… Continue Reading “Thoughts about the Lisa Au unsolved murder”