Done with old laptop’s upgrade effort

I got an email from H Power Computing asking if I wanted to replace my motherboard or not on the M2800. Apparently they didn’t read my last message to them telling them go ahead as a go ahead. So since I had the chance, I rolled that decision back and told them never mind, just restore it to the Windows 7 OS running… Continue Reading “Done with old laptop’s upgrade effort”

Fixing this old laptop might get expensive!!

H Power Computing also messaged me about my M2800 laptop having Win10 installed. It’s not installing. They believe the motherboard is bad. So they quoted ordering a replacement (used from overseas) at $378.00. WTF do I do, abandon the effort with money already sunk in for the Windows 10 upgrade and the… Continue Reading “Fixing this old laptop might get expensive!!”

Before the Microsoft Monopoly

I was thinking about old technology, old software a while back while working on the last laptop I bought and the purchasing/licensing stuff required of MS Office, how it’s all online download/install. No more being sent discs! And in my mind, the sometimes hassle of re-installation because there’s… Continue Reading “Before the Microsoft Monopoly”