Chamorro mp3 List/Collection

Pues okay, this is what I have in my collection of the music library for Chamorro mp3’s. Ronnie thanks for asking… over and over and over… 🙂
Updated 7/21/2020


├── 1st Issue
│   ├── Cruise Control
│   │   ├── 01.Chamorro Pride.mp3
│   │   ├── 02.Gotte Mafnut.mp3
│   │   ├── 03.Move… Continue Reading “Chamorro mp3 List/Collection”

Checking out the Chamorro Grindz

Lina had told me weeks ago that the Chamorro Grindz truck got a stall at the Waikele Shopping Center close to where the Leonard’s Malasadas truck parks, and would be there frequently. So I told myself we need to stop by and support them. Well today was the first day, as we stopped by on our way home from a short… Continue Reading “Checking out the Chamorro Grindz”

Tribute to Frank ‘Bokonggo’ Pangelinan

I was surfing YouTube and came across this video of a tribute performance to Bokonggo. I’d never seen it before but thought it was worth a look listen. Hey not bad, so I had to keep it. This was sponsored by Islander Registry. Way to go!

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Gus ‘N’ Doll Munga Ma Usa Yo

Listening to this song takes me back to when Lou and I got married and I was home on leave. I don’t listen to Chamorro music too often, and I don’t have any means to truly keep up with the more recent artists. So I listen to the older stuff. And when I do it almost puts me into a trance of nostalgia and homesickness…… Continue Reading “Gus ‘N’ Doll Munga Ma Usa Yo”