Eddie Van Halen – RIP to the GOAT

News today of Eddie Van Halen’s passing. As I posted on my Facebook timeline, Was never much for knowing who the faces, voices, artists were as individuals behind their band/group persona. He was pretty much the standout exception.
RIP Eddie Van Halen.

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They brought back feel good memories

First was media posts yesterday of Helen Reddy passing. I scurried onto YouTube to find a few of her hit songs back in the day, because while I wasn’t a particular follower of her work, her work was a very memorable part of my early teen/post childhood times. And with my way of having memories tied to soundtracks,… Continue Reading “They brought back feel good memories”

Kobe Bryant and daughter die in helicopter crash!

A shocking news headline popped up on my phone this morning. Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter crash today. His 13-year old daughter Gianna was also on-board and 4 others.

I’m not much of an NBA fan, but still, Kobe was a big name that went beyond basketball enthusiasts. What bit of NBA sports I did watch during… Continue Reading “Kobe Bryant and daughter die in helicopter crash!”

Aloha and Adios Sen John McCain

Sen McCain, I mourn your passing today. You have always represented the best of the best in government, exemplifying the utmost in integrity in all you did, in undeniable honesty to our country, to yourself, in all you did. You are the last of a breed of statesmen of whom I looked up to, applauded, and respected.… Continue Reading “Aloha and Adios Sen John McCain”