Congrats Hawaii Little League Team!

I must say that mere congratulations is not enough. Not only did Hawaii win the Little League World Series, but they dominated their entire elimination bracket all the way to the final game.

They swept all 6 of their games. Of those 6 games:

4 mercy rule wins
3 shutouts

vs curacao mercy rule win 13-3
vs northwest mercy rule win 11-1
vs metro region mercy rule shutout 12-0
vs southeast mercy rule shutout 13-0
vs southwest shutout 6-0
vs southeast 5-1

How’s that!

New Year Fireworks Over Oahu 2022

Some people absolutely love it, some absolutely hate it. Uncontrolled, unregulated, illegal fireworks people shoot off and disturb neighborhoods, cause so much trauma for pets, etc.. So you choose whether you love it or hate it. It IS, to me, the most spectacular aerial show of fireworks anywhere. Considering that they are not private enterprise sponsored, licensed displays.…

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