HIARNG units on the move per da Gov

Guard units got activated for assistance with COVID-19 efforts. I saw on social media some people commenting that, oh, at least it’s not a real deployment (referencing danger). Think about it though. With COVID-19 assistance and containment efforts, it’s even MORE dangerous. They’re… Continue Reading “HIARNG units on the move per da Gov”

I think this is one of our original Kunians Jim Sipp?

I look for old friends, acquaintances, and Army buddies/associates from time to time. Particularly of the original USACC/USAISC Det Comm crew since we were sort of all closely associated as we came to Hawaii as a team. One of them was Jimm Sipp, SP5. After he left Hawaii I never heard from him again, and neither… Continue Reading “I think this is one of our original Kunians Jim Sipp?”

Wow, tidbits of people from the past

I don’t know how, but I was killing time and surfing the web and I came across this piece on some web site called Irish Central. The pic… her (old OD green fatigues with the USACC/USAISC patch) Army picture caught my eye (I had that pic linked here from the irishcentral.com site but it disappeared!),… Continue Reading “Wow, tidbits of people from the past”

Dinosaurs in the career field

A couple of current and former co-workers and I were shooting the breeze about work related stuff, crypto issues in particular, and we former tech controllers from the telecommunications side started comparing how crypto, key updates, etc., have changed over the years (decades!!!) since we were brand new… Continue Reading “Dinosaurs in the career field”